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Welcome to pNEUMA (πνεῦμα): an ancient greek word for breath, spirit and inspiration. The New Era of Urban traffic Monitoring with Aerial footage.

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A first-of-its-kind experiment.

pNEUMA is a large-scale dataset of naturalistic trajectories of half a million vehicles that have been collected by a one-of-a-kind experiment by a swarm of drones in the congested downtown area of Athens, Greece. A unique observatory of traffic congestion, a scale an-order-of-magnitude higher than what was not available until now, that researchers from different disciplines around the globe can use to develop and test their own models.

A swarm of 10 drones hovering over the central business district of Athens over five days to record traffic streams in a congested area of a 1.3km2 area with more than 100 km-lanes of road network, around 100 busy intersections (signalized or not) and more than 30 bus stops.

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pNEUMA at a glance

10 drones

Hovering simultaneously over different areas

5 days

Monday to Friday

Morning Peak-Hour

Five flight sessions between 8:00 and 10:30

Over 100 intersections

Signalised or not

Largest dataset

More than 0.5 million trajectories!

Open Access

Free distribution. No barriers.

Global effect

Made for researchers around the world.

Perfect for PhDs

Stop searching for data and start your analyses!

Ideal for multimodal research




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The pNEUMA dataset will become fully available in the following months. Until then, we strongly encourage you to download the sample dataset and start preparing your codes and applications. When new data is available, we will notify you by e-mail.


We thank DataFromSky from RCE Systems s.r.o. for the extraction of trajectories from the drone videos developed by this experiment.