This year’s prestigious 2020 Greenshields Prize was awarded to Emmanouil Barmpounakis, Guillaume Sauvin and Nikolas Geroliminis, authors of the article “Lane Detection and Lane-Changing Identification with High-Resolution Data from a Swarm of Drones”.

The paper is one the first that utilizes pNEUMA to describe a first methodological approach to extract lane-specific information from this new kind of data and set the benchmark for possible future approaches. You can download and read the paper here.

On July 10, 2008 after the successful Greenshields 75 Symposium, the Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics (AHB45) established the Greenshields Prize, named in honor of Dr. Bruce D. Greenshields, a pioneer in Traffic Flow Theory.

The committee may award a Greenshields Prize annually for a paper submitted for both presentation and publication through the TRB Annual Meeting paper submission process. The Paper Review Subcommittee annually forwards a set of top papers to the Awards Subcommittee that then review the papers and attend the presentations and determine whether to make a selection after each Annual Meeting (for more information click here).