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TraViA: a Traffic data Visualization and Annotation tool in Python

TraViA is a new visualisation/annotation tool that supports the pNEUMA dataset. Olger Siebinga, a PhD student from Delft University of Technology, developed TraViA in Python 3 to provide solutions for common problems when working with open datasets. As he reports, “TraViA can be used to visualize and annotate data from highD, pNEUMA, and NGSIM and uses generic vehicle objects to…

UAS4T Competition results and codes

In a previous post we announced that during the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE ITSC 2020), the UAS4T Competition organized by the IEEE ITSS Technical Activities Sub-Committee “Transportation 5.0” would utilize the πNEUMA dataset. The teams had the chance to get familiar with the πNEUMA sample dataset and after almost a month of preparations 10 of…

Map-matching using pNEUMA

In July 2020, Mr. Joachim Landtmeters, MSc student from KU Leuven, successfully conducted the defence of his thesis titled “Analyzing mixed urban traffic by linking large scale trajectory dataset to underlying network”. Mr. Landtmeters had the opportunity to develop a tool to easily get traffic characteristics at any location in the network through a map-matching approach and to analyze multimodal urban…

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downloads page